One of the most frequent emails I receive is from people that have found my site on google or another search engine.  Not because they are in need of a voice over, but because they want to explore a career in voice overs and voice acting.  While I do not consider myself a voice over coach or school, I am always glad to offer my advice and help others get started in this difficult industry.   Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from an initial email:


  1.  Q:  What sort of training is required to enter this field?   A:  While I know many voice over talents that have had relatively little or no training at all, I highly recommend a professional voice over or broadcasting school to get your start.  Anyone with a microphone and an internet connection can offer a voice over, but to become a true voice over professional, you will need training in proper breathing, reading, inflection and other things.  I am part-owner of a school called “Broadcast Center” in St. Louis, MO that offers this sort of training.  There are plenty of other options as well.

2. Q:  How long did it take to establish yourself as a voice over artist? A: 10+ years and counting.  It is a constant       struggle to stay ahead in a business like this.  If you’re not being proactive about developing your vocal skills, improving               audio quality, staying current with business trends and constantly networking, then you’re being left behind.  For the first 3         or 4 years I began doing voice overs, I was paid very little and often got frustrated when a voice over was rejected because I         “wasn’t the voice we were looking for.”    You will hear this over and over again.  You have two choices at this point, one is to       give up.  The other is to push forward, figure out WHY it wasn’t the voice and try and remedy the problem.



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