One of the questions I get asked a lot be aspiring voice over actors and artists is “Where does my voice fit in?”  “Should I do voice over narrations, radio commercials, video games… what?”

That can be a very challenging question to answer because for every person it is different.  However, there’s a simple rule I like to follow.

That Rule:   Do what makes you happy, and do what seems to work.

Don’t try and force yourself into a zone that you don’t feel comfortable.  If you’re not comfortable doing long form audio books, then don’t do them.  If you’re not comfortable doing Hard Sell “SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!” style commercials – don’t do them.  Stick to what you are comfortable with and enjoy doing.  Then dedicate your time to really MASTERING those styles.

Later down the road, if you feel like expanding – then you can try and get outside your comfort zone and tackle the others.  But in order to get to home plate, you have to start at first.

Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Where does my voice fit in? From Audio Books to Video Games

  1. Hello,

    I’m looking to start doing voice overs. Being native to Alabama, I’ve been told I have a Southern accent.

    Despite such, I’m still highly interested in VO’s. Do you all offer Voice Lessons in STL?
    If so, please provide additional information.


    1. Hey Ebony,
      Thanks for the post! Have you received any information yet about voiceover lessons? There are a few places in STL that offer Voice Lessons. However, if you’re interested – I can give you some tips. Shoot me an email via the contact form here and I would be glad to give you some more personalized information for you.
      – Shaun

  2. Hello great blog!! I’ve started my own home studio in Columbia but in research wondering if I should produce my own home audition reel? Should it be just examples of my voice or put together a PowerPoint animation and create an ad if I have no professional experience yet? Is it necessary to start off with a coach\agent? Thank you for your advice!

  3. Hello,
    My name is Alicia. I am from St Louis, MO. I am very interested in voice over acting. I have no experience. But I do have linguistic experience from the military. Prior to joining I spoke 5 languages fluently, currently I speak 7. Is there anyway I can be contacted to see if I would be a good fit for Voice Over Acting. What would be the next steps and additional information to help me. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Alicia,
      Thanks for reaching out! I will reply to your comment via email and send you a bit of information.
      – Shaun

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