Hey Shaun,

I am a flight attendant and have free time.  I am interested in doing voice overs.  Any information on how to get started would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!  Susan E*****

Hi Susan,

Awesome that you’re interested in doing voice overs – it can be a lot of fun!  It can also be difficult to get started, but don’t let that stop you.

What I would do, assuming you have a good computer.   Get a decent microphone – a USB Condenser microphone would probably be the best place to start.  They’re cheaper than buying the full condenser setup with an audio mixer board, phantom power and processor – but most of the USB condensers will at least provide clear, crisp audio for getting started as a voice over artist.  Unfortunately, I don’t have USB mics myself, so I can’t recommend any – but if you went to an audio store or music recording shop, someone there might be able to recommend a decent mic to record Vocals.  Explain to them what you’re wanting to do, and on a budget.   If I were just getting started, I probably wouldn’t spend over $150.00 on a mic – but you can decide what budget fits you.

As for software, I use Adobe Audition CS6 to record and edit my voiceovers.  The latest edition is called Adobe Audition Creative Cloud – and I believe they may even offer earlier editions of Adobe Audition for free now through Adobe’s website. If you can find a free edition of Adobe Audition (legally of course!  :)   )    I would recommend using that.   If you can’t,  you can download a free software called “Audacity”  which would be good enough to get you started.

Then, I would practice.  They say Practice makes perfect.   Record yourself reading demo scripts.  Critique yourself.  Send your recordings to other voiceover professionals and ask for their professional opinion. You can feel free to send them to me and I will give you any advice/critique I can think of.   You may want to find a female voice over artist to critique your work as well.

If you google:  “Free Voice over Demo Copy”  or “Free voice over demo scripts”   or something of that nature, there should be plenty of demo scripts that you can record for practice and to put together a demo.  It is critical to have a voice over “reel” or voice over demo.  It is essentially your resume.   You wouldn’t apply for a job and not give them a copy of your resume.   Same thing with a voice over job, always have a demo.   Try and practice and record a variety of styles of commercials.

At that point, I would get involved in some voice over communities online. Sharing your demo with anyone and everyone.  Network network network.   I started by calling small radio stations and offering to record a free commercial for them, and if they liked it – all I asked is that they would pass my name/website on to people and hopefully use me for future paying jobs.   Some of them ended up being dead ends, some turned into long term clients.

My next advice would be patience.   It took me years to get a decent amount of clients and jobs, and it’s still a constant battle to get new clients.

– Shaun

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